Of Documents and Disks – Wil Shipley

Starting all the way back with NeXTstep 0.8 in 1989, we’ll cover how NeXTstep and then Cocoa handled saving, loading, versioning, backups, and undo/redo in documents over the years. We’ll progress through how these operations worked in apps such as OmniGraffle (adapted from 1992’s Diagram!), Keynote (adapted from 1994’s Concurrence), and Delicious Library (2004), and how they’ll work in the forthcoming Delicious Dwelling (2018.) One solution cuts through the problems inherent in all methods: use git as a file format. We’ll go over how Dwelling’s Swift code implements this solution.


About Wil Shipley:

Wil has been producing software for the NeXT and Apple ecosystems since the extinction of the dinosaurs. In 1991, Wil co-founded The Omni Group, and developed software for the NeXTSTEP operating system, Rhapsody and later Mac OS X. While at Omni he won a record five Apple Design Awards for his company's products. He went on to found a second notable software firm, Delicious Monster, in 2004. Delicious Library, the company's flagship product, won three more Apple Design Awards.

Nowadays, Wil writes software, blogs occasionally, and thinks about life. Wil has only three cats.

@wilshipley / wilshipley.com