SpriteKit, SceneKit, ARKit—Oh My!  – Justin Miller

ARKit hit the scene this past WWDC, and Apple brilliantly made use of a couple of other kits that they’ve had around for years prior—SpriteKit and SceneKit. In this session, we’ll talk about what each of those is good at and the basics of setting them up. Then, we’ll talk about how they interface with ARKit, how to choose the right tool for the job, and some of the practical uses of the tools in apps that aren’t games and that aren’t just glorified AR lenses. Come prepared to sharpen your tools for what is sure to be a huge wave of future innovation in iOS apps written in Swift. 


About Justin Miller:

Justin has worked in Apple programming environments for fifteen years, and up and down the tech stack for longer, across LAMP stack systems administration and web development since the 90s, and most recently, leading development of mobile tools for Mapbox. He ran a solo consultancy for five years during the early days of the app stores, creating apps for clients and for sale. In his free time, Justin enjoys world travel, photography, hiking, baking pies, and restoring and camping in his vintage VW van. 

@incanus77 / justinmiller.io