TDD Workshop - Jon Reid


Test-Driven Development Hands-On Workshop

Test Driven Development is one of the core agile programming practices. Yet few companies practice it, and fewer still apply it to Apple platforms. Like riding a bicycle, TDD isn't something you can learn from just reading a book.

In this two-day workshop, we'll learn by doing! If you're a programmer with basic familiarity of the Swift programming language and iOS development, you're ready. Your trainer will be Jon Reid of Quality Coding.

This class will be held at the Radisson Seattle Airport on October 25-26, 2017. Register today!


In this two-day workshop, we'll cover:

• Why do TDD?
• The Three Steps: Red, Green, Refactor
• The Three Laws: Growing test code and production code in parallel
• Writing focused, readable tests
• Evolving a solution that meet your needs
• Test doubles (stubs, mocks, fakes)
• What to TDD in View Controllers (and what not to)
• TDD & Legacy Code
• Strategies for introducing TDD to your team

We will do programming exercises in Swift, using Apple's XCTest framework. Because TDD is a process, not an outcome, we'll be coding as a group. Everyone will be asked to take short turns in front. We'll all support each other, you can do it!


Most exercises will be done as a group, on a single machine. But if you'd also like to work on your own machine (many participants do), you'll need a Mac running Xcode. In addition, AppCode is optional but strongly encouraged. Note that AppCode requires a compatible version of Xcode, so check here to see the latest requirements and download a free 30-day trial.


Jon Reid

Jon has been practicing TDD since 2001, and has applied it to iOS development since 2010. He began writing about programming at work, then giving talks, then teaching classes for employees. Eager to share more broadly, Jon started the Quality Coding blog, and began giving external talks and training. Jon is available on a limited basis to bring his training and coaching on-site to your teams.

@qcoding / Quality Coding

Your registration gets you two days of hands-on training. Also included in your registration are Breakfasts and Lunches Wednesday and Thursday, as well as mid-morning/afternoon snacks and beverages. 

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Group rates available

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