A Better MVC – Dave DeLong

Recent years have seen the adoption of patterns like MVVM, VIPER, DISCOVER, FRP, and React as an attempt to work around the apparently-intrinsic problems many developers face when using MVC.

In this talk, we’ll explore the philosophy that underlies MVC, and how applying the principle of decomposition can solve these problems, while at the same time promoting reusability, testability, and making your codebase a pleasant and well-organized work of art.


About Dave DeLong:

A seven-year veteran of Apple, Dave DeLong is an accomplished iOS engineer with a passion for teaching, and hacking the Objective-C runtime. During his time at Apple, he worked on the UIKit framework, Developer Evangelism, and Apple Maps. He currently works on the Product Experience team at Snap, Inc.

Dave, his family, and his large collection of bowties live near Salt Lake City, where he’s an active member of the local developer community. He can often be found on Twitter teaching developers about all the ways that calendrical calculations can go wrong and pontificating on the virtues of eating chocolate with peanut butter.

@davedelong / davedelong.com