Everything You Wanted to Know About 3D Graphics But Were Afraid to Ask – Janie Clayton

Have you ever felt the call to learn a low level graphics API like OpenGL or Metal, only to run into a wall because the author assumes a base of knowledge you don’t have? There are lots of books explaining how the API works but not how to do anything useful with it. In this talk, you will begin to explore these concepts so that you can take the next steps on your journey to being an awesome graphics programmer.


About Janie Clayton:

Janie Clayton is an author and independent iOS developer. Janie is the author on several books on iOS and Swift development, including the forthcoming Metal Programming Guide. She records her journey down the rabbit hole on her personal blog at redqueencoder.com. Janie lives outside of Madison, Wisconsin with her attempted grumble of pugs and multitude of programming books.

@RedQueenCoder / redqueencoder.com