Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of software - How to make your team totally dysfunctional – Steve Scott

We all work on perfect teams, which is incredibly dull. We all know the real action is found on dysfunctional teams.  

This talk will show you all the things you need to make sure are in place to ensure your team is completely dysfunctional so you too can be part of the real action.

Don’t worry if you are not part of a team. There will be plenty in this talk to help you also become a totally dysfunctional individual and not miss out on any if the fun. 


About Steve Scott (Scotty):

Scotty is the co-owner of Diligent Robot, a macOS and iOS development company based in the UK.
He is also the host of the iDeveloper Podcast and creator of NSConference.

He has been developer since 1987 when he started writing accounting software using COBOL on a Convergent Unix machine using vi as his IDE (sorry Emacs people). Since then he has worked on mainframes (ICL, DEC, & IBM), 16bit and 32 bit Windows, .NET and since 2007 macOS (OS X) and (a little later) iOS. During his career he has learnt (and forgotten) more languages and IDE’s than is possibly healthy for one lifetime.

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