Lessons Learned From Physical AR – Justin MIller

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about AR lately, where we can see and control software elements projected into the real world. I’ve been interested in the combination of AR for control and feedback with the physical world as the manipulated medium. For example, selecting from and applying colors in a purely software environment but having those colors manifest in lights in the physical world. I’ve recently done some projects in this space and I’m going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned building them out, from tips to make the experience more convincing to some of the unintended ways that things can go wrong. Useful for AR applications, sure, but also hopefully for all of you who are building interactive experiences for humans! 


About Justin Miller:

Justin has worked in Apple programming environments for fifteen years, and up and down the tech stack for longer, across LAMP stack systems administration and web development since the 90s, and most recently, leading development of mobile tools for Mapbox. He ran a solo consultancy for five years during the early days of the app stores, creating apps for clients and for sale. In his free time, Justin enjoys world travel, photography, hiking, baking pies, and restoring and camping in his vintage VW van. 

@incanus77 / justinmiller.io