Media Frameworks vs. Swift – Chris Adamson

As much as we love Swift for developing our apps, playgrounds, and even on the server, there are some things for which Swift is not a good match. The media frameworks on iOS are a good example of this. Dropping into Core Audio can twist your Swift code so badly it’s hardly readable anymore. And there are parts of AV Foundation where using Swift is literally not allowed.

In this talk, we’ll show off some of these tricky scenarios, see what we can do to make things better, and think about what this means for the Swift language and its future prospects.


About Chris Adamson:

Chris Adamson is the co-author of iPhone 10 SDK Development (Pragmatic Programmers) and Learning Core Audio (Addison-Wesley Professional). He's also an independent iOS and Mac developer, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he also writes the Time.code() blog at and hosts livestreams at Over the years, he has managed to own fourteen and a half Macs.

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