SOLID Design Principles – Jon Reid

What are the SOLID Design Principles? Aren't they some old object-oriented thing, no longer relevant to ultra-fancy Swifty programming?

Jon Reid thinks they're still worth paying attention to. He'll give you a tour of SOLID — but you're going to help! Come prepared to share some of your war stories about your code. Specifically, we're going to talk about when making changes is painful (or easy).


About Jon Reid:

Jon has been practicing TDD since 2001, and has applied it to iOS development since 2010. He began writing about programming at work, then giving talks, then teaching classes for employees. Eager to share more broadly, Jon started the Quality Coding blog, and began giving external talks and training. Jon is available on a limited basis to bring his training and coaching on-site to your teams.

@qcoding / Quality Coding