TBA – Janine Ohmer

Details coming soon! 


About Janine Ohmer:

Janine's first computer was an Apple IIe, which allowed her to dial in to school to do her homework instead of hanging out in the machine room.  That was cutting edge stuff in the early 80s!  Her next Apple was the very first iMac, and from then on it has been all Mac, all the time.  She graduated from UCIrvine with a degree in Computer and Information Science in 1985, and after a few too many years in more traditional jobs she spent the 2000s as co-founder of (and sole programmer at) furfly, a company that built database-backed websites.  For this decade she has made the transition from Mac user to Mac developer, and is currently an iOS Engineer at Walmart Labs in Portland, Oregon as well as the Fearless Leader of Cocoheads PDX.