You Deserve Nice Things – Soroush Khanlou

When is it a good idea to add an extension to a type you don’t control? When should you recommend an extension in code review? How do you effectively extend Sequence and Collection and the other lovely parts of the standard library? Soroush Khanlou will be talking about the philosophy of extensions — when, why, and how to make them. He'll also give a number of practical examples that you can take home and apply to your code.


About Soroush Khanlou:

Soroush Khanlou is a New York-based iOS consultant. He’s written apps for the New Yorker, David Chang’s Ando, Rap Genius, and non-profits like Urban Archive and the Global Heritage Fund. He blogs about programming at, mostly making fun of view controllers, and podcasts at In his free time, he runs, bakes bread and pastries, and collects suitcases.

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